Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 3 1/2 summary!

Do you like the wrapping job on a gift for a friend? I love using part of the gift as the "wrapping paper"! That counts as creative right?
Well posting on Sunday like I planned didn't happen! Mostly because of the "easy" "quick" crafty/decorating project I found on Pinterest! We don't have a lot of Valentine's day/ winter decorations for the house so I thought this one looked fun and I had most of the materials....2 HOURS of yarn wrapping later and an hour+ of cutting out felt and figuring out how to make roses later we had a new wreath! It is nice, just much more labor intensive than expected.

I did do something creative every day be it knitting a few rows on the aran sweater (not enough to make it worth a new picture!), got the border on the quilt and tonight I basted it all together. In anticipation of machine quilting the larger quilt I made a couple of mug rugs/potholder/trivets to try out wonky piecing and remembering how to machine quilt. I've already given one away without a photo and no photo yet on the 2nd one. Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday morning I can machine quilt the large quilt and actually get it DONE!

 I did sketch out a couple of Zentangle patterns and the really fun thing was the kids I work with at school were doing it in their art class so I got to show some of them patterns that I had learned! Much fun paying it forward.

I did another Pinterest style craft last weekend - Initial Pictures for the girls made out of a small art canvas, scrapbooking paper, buttons and Modgepodge. Initially G didn't want one but after seeing R's she put an order in as well! No pics on R's as she is snoozing away as I write this!

So craft goals are to get more of the sweater done, quilt the quilt (hee hee) and try to do at least 1 zentangle!

Personal goals - I have eaten better although not great, got to the gym more but need to go even more frequently! and Fafsa is at least started which MUST get done this weekend as one of the college deadlines is Feb 1st!

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