Friday, February 29, 2008

Little Knitting Friday

Well not much knitting today - just a couple of rows on the Jaywalker Socks that are driving me crazy. The pattern isn't difficullt and the results are pretty but I HATE to do the double decrease that happens every other row - If I was working on larger needles it wouldn't bug me so much but it's a pain on the size 1.

Major crafting accomplishment of the day was learning to add the Flickr badge that now shows on the Blog! I'll have to modify the content on Flickr so that the photo's shown are more WIP's and FO's and less Stash. I'll also have to get more photos taken!

Rest of the day was spent in the usual Michelle ways - work, knitting at lunch, work, Passing R off to Girl Scout activity, buying b-day present for Sarah who's birthday is actually today! Poor Thing only has a b-day every 4 years! Getting ready for Girl Scout 80's dance which brought back tons of memories from the High School and College days - I actually wore one of the 1st sweaters I ever finished - a Teal Tunic with some cableing that I made from an old Rowan pattern - I never had the heart to "retire" it even though I haven't worn it since I was pregnant with G 10 years ago! - I'll try to get a pic that a friend took and you can all be scared of a 40 something rocking out to Walk Like and Egyptiam amd Walk This Way!

Came home to the sad news of the passing of Lollipop the mouse - G's dealing well with the news - of course now we'll have to bury her tomorrow in a snowstorm............

Looking forward to getting the house clean tomorrow, maybe getting to the garden show in Worcester and having some knitting friends over Sunday.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

First Post!

Well this has been something that I've been meaning to do for the past 2 months!

Why am I blogging? Well the answer has to do with my insatiable obsession with knitting! I want somewhere to post pics of my finished objects (FO), frustrations over projects, joy over results and my general fixation of the craft.

For those who haven't met me yet I began knitting back when I was a teen, never got very far with it until I was in college, was insatiable for several years during and after college. Took several years off to date, get married, have some kids, buy a house and do some work. Always did some knitting here and there along the way. A sweater here, pair of mittens there, then along comes my step-mother and introduces me to felting! Well that was the beginning of my descent into this obsession!

For the past 2 1/2 years I've gone from an occasional knitted project to a list of current projects in process and several in the queue! Now in addition to knitting for my family I teach knitting, run felting workshops and am trying to sell my felted bags.

As I get better at this blogging I'll start posting pics of in process and completed projects. Rants and raves of not enough time to knit enough, other crafty projects that I get sucked into - Yeah I also quilt, scrapbook, sew, do primitive stitcheries and cross stitch - although not as obsessivly as I knit!