Sunday, May 11, 2008


Ok - I admit it has been WAYYYYYY to long since I updated this post so I am going to try and do a relatively quick recap of the past month (or so) in my knitting life! My only real excuse is the crazyness of life with 2 pre-teen girls and ALL their activities!
The above pic is an inprocess picture of the Lucy Bag by Two Old Bags. I used bunches of "scraps" of cascade 200 wool left over from various previous bags. I cut of chunks and spliced them together to get the variagation - LOTS of work. I finished the bag this past Thursday and it is drying on the hearth. LOVE the finished product! I'll post a pic later. I did find as I was doing the handles that I royally messed up and instead of increasing to 120 stitches at the bottom - I increased to 160! I decided I wasn't willing to frog it back 12 inches and just adjusted the math on the handle placement to make it work. THe bag doesn't look too wide so I guess it worked!

This is the Orchid sample of the Vintage Bubble Bag. I tacked in cord in a spiral design before felting it which came out OK but I had to cut it out the cord after felting becuse it pushed through in a couple of places. The bag is not "perfect" but it will do. I believe I'll donate it to the silent auction for my college reunion next weekend.

This is the same bag in an ocean blue also made with the felting workshop. I sewed in a daisy pattern before felting.

These are DH's camo socks that I have been poking along on. The pattern is a basic garter rib. They are at 8 stitches per inch so are going fairly slowly.

This is the successful My Little Companion bag that I was concerned about in the last post. The Mauve is still Mauvey but the flower design pocket came out really well in my opinion! Pat G. bought it from me before it was fully dry! This is a great little "quick" project.

Ok - yet more....THis is the Vintage bubble bag AGAIN, but this time I actually followed the directions (who knew I could do that!) and used Cascade 220 AND Noro Silk Garden which is what has given it a lovely color variation and a soft slightly fuzzy feel! No plans for where this one is going yet - maybe when I eventually get my ETSY shop off the ground....

Very old pic of the "valentine socks" that I believe I posted about earlier. Very comfy.

The month in knitting also brought a fun workshop with Ruth, Mary, Nancy, Robin and Pam. That's where we made the Bubble bag. A couple of them came over a couple of nights later to finish off the bag and we had such fun. It was such a joy after a crazy day running the girls everywhere to be able to sit down with them and knit and talk and pull their bags together!
Mary and I road tripped to Webs to see the Yarn Harlot speak. It was fun, it was a mob scene, we bought more yarn than we needed. One of the pics on her blog is of the kids who were in front of us in the very long signing line! I was able to meet Mary's friend Lee who does the dancing crow blog about playning with color and fabric. Here is the link to her which I am putting in badly
I have a lot to learn about making this blog thing work so it is "pretty"
Well I need to go and shower, do some gardening and get ready to drive to NY with my Mom so she can go to a b-day party for an old college friend of hers while I get to gether with an old college friend of mine. I do believe there is a yarn store in the plans.......