Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3

Ok Day 3 of the challenge and I've been creative again! The knitting part is easy for me - just working on what already on the needles - currently there are 2 projects The Wingspan scarf:
I plan on knitting on this until I am almost finished with the skein and then decide if I want/need to use the 2nd skein of the Auracunnia (sp?) that I have in this colorway to make it longer. Wingspan is a fun easy knit that works up in lots of different weights and looks great in all the pics I've seen of it!

The Second big project I have bee working on is a star quilt that I bought the material for last Fall and started to get cut out but then it got buried under Christmas projects and the general "Craftermath" that happened in my craft room/studio. It is going to get one more row of the blocks so the row closest to you will reapeat at the bottom and it will be sashed in the white. I have no idea what I am going to do for the borders and backing - which is typical for me - it will depend on what fabric is left over after the main body is done. I hope to get the body done by Sunday.
These socks are the Darjeeling pattern in Clara Parks' Book of Socks that have been hanging on the needles for about 8 months and I only have one of them 3/4 done....The yarn is a one of colorway by The Kangaroo Dyer at Webs and I think the yarn is Charlemont but at this point I'm not sure!
And the last bit of creativity work is playing with Zentangles! These are new to me and I have enjoyed it but I have never felt very confident in my drawing ability.

In some ways this Blog itself is today's creativity!!!

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