Sunday, January 6, 2013

Days 4-6

Well it is Sunday night and I wish I had gotten more done this week although I really did get a lot creative done. Especially if you include "building" a cheap side table to put the new printer on, grocery shopping, re-teaching my Mom how to Yarn Over (she originally taught me LOL), meeting up with with the Friday Night Knitting Crew and general "Mom of Teens" tasks!

  1. Finished the Wingspan Scarf
  2. Did 1 1/2 Zentangles (plus bought more pencils for shading as mine went missing - Kota or G are the prime suspects...)
  3. Sewed together the top row of the quilt and started the second row. I am headed downsairs to work on it more and watch Downton Abbey when I finish this!
  4. Got R's Senior picture framed and hung up
Goals for the next week:
  1. Finish the top of the quilt
  2. Block the Wingspan
  3. Modify the Aran sweater design for size 14 boys and actually start it!
  4. Start a journaly sketchbook of Zentangle patterns - it will help me learn them I hope
  5. Take some pictures of stuff!

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