Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sick Saturday

Ok, Tell me this doesn't look like a big pink BOOB!
While laying in bed sick all day Saturday with a head cold I finished G's fairly ugly fingerless glove that are pictureless and may remain so...and I started the Tote Around by knitkit with some stash Galway Chunky in a dark Pink with a light pink stripes. The patern calls for doing 5 rows of knitting between each of the beginning increase rows and the result is...what looks like a nipple on the bottom of the bag! We have all gotten a laugh out of it but I pray that the "nipple" felts down so it isn't so noticable!
Since the bag is so big and since to me it is very noticable I am uncomfortable bring it out in "public" to knit on so I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find the size 4 12" Addi Turbo needles that I know I have and the Ann Norling Play on Rib Sock pattern so I have something to work on while attending the Girl's Girl Scout International Festival (unorganized, long, barely practices horrible signing etc..) so I ended up running to the yarn store to buy another needle and pattern only to have left the yarn at home....... Well at least both projects are from stash yarn.......
Darling Husband asked me today if I had buyer's for any of my bags - the answer is "No, but I have on my To Do list to get them on Etsy!" I just got "The Look"

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