Sunday, March 2, 2008

Knitting Tea Party

Today was a fabulous day for knitting! After running some errands for the family this A.M. and some baking 2 of my knitting students came over for the afternoon and we had a lovely time knitting and chatting. The above pic is from class a few weeks ago.

As I was getting ready for them (i.e. cleaning and stash and dashing!) G. said - Mom you're having a "Knitting Tea Party!" I think the name will stick and I'll try to host one once a month or so. Pat was working on her scarf and learned how to start a new skein of yarn. Mary was working on several projects as always! She's made it to the top edge of the Lucy Bag that she's making for her daughter - looks great, bound off her gorgeous alpaca scarf (I'm liusting after the yarn!) and we spent a bit of time trying to figure out what's what with her socks. We'll look at them again on Tuesday!

I of course continued to work on the Jaywalker socks...and they continue to drive me a tad crazy...David asked why I don't just give up on them....Silly Man! Well I can only figure out how to get the pic's at the top so look up there to see the pretty things are driving me whacko! At least I've gotten the heel turned and will work on the gusset until sleep overcomes me.....

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Mary said...

Great post, but now you need to put up a picture of me with my new hairdo and slimmer body. Hehe.