Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This is for you Mary!

Ok - I know it's been forever, or at least a couple of weeks since I've posted....All I can say is life! Although knitting has happened!

The pink "boob" bag is done and the nipple is not so obvious anymore - Thank God! The Pink and purple socks are done - Love that pattern by Anne Norling. Made another Vintage Bubble bag, this time actually following the directions and using Cascade 220 and Noro Silk Garden - I have to say I love the results even though the bag is not 100% dry yet. Very soft and the fuzz has a nice feel. It always amazes me the color change/softening that felting has on a project. When I first knit this bag the colors were prettty intense but after felting it the blue that was really bright and jumping out at me has faded into the rest of the colors and the varigation looks wonderful. Started another My Little Companion bag using the Luet yarn that i like so - not so happy with the mauve color that I thought i liked in the store - at home it looks so 80's Mauve....maybe if I throw some brown details into the finishing it will have a more updated look!

I know I have no pics this time - part of life being crazy - I'll blame Girl Scout Cookies (if you are ever asked to be a cookie mom - just say NO - major time suck!), work at school, tech writting work, Easter, sick family members, moving family members and a messy house! Yeah Life. Thankfully I have knitting to keep me sane - so to speak!

I went to Wright's outlet after school today to take advantage of their 25% off everthing sale (they are closing - very sad!) and scored yarn for 3 bags and a pair of socks, plus some fabric for that side of the stash - 1st day of the sale and the store already has the picked over feel.

Felting workshop making the Fiber Trends Fabulous Felted Tote had their last class over the weekend and the ladies were all very nice and we had a great time! They are all coming back for more which makes me happy that they are addicted as well! The Yarn store did well as well, all 3 of them purchased yarn for at least 2 more projects.

Well Mary since you are one of the only ones who reads this (hee hee) I hope my blather this evening brightens your morning!

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Mary said...

Thanks, I enjoyed the post! I'm impressed that you had the time to do it, I really expected to wake up and click on that stupid boob again.