Sunday, March 9, 2008

Finished Socks and What If's

YEAH! There done, done done! I don't know why I didn't enjoy these socks that much - must have been the double decrease and the fact that they too so long to knit and I've become addicted to quick gratification projects that don't take 2 plus weeks to make! I finished them early Friday morning and wore them to work to show off - of course saying Yeah I don;t have to swear at them anymore.
Thursday night I went to Worcester to get my hair cut and the place that I go has the parking lot behind the building so I have to walk through a alleyway to get into the salon - albeit it's a VERY NICE alleyway with arbors and plantings but still... DH of course reminded me to "Trust no-one, Suspect everyone!" his standard paranoid cry. SO as I'm thinking about walking through the alleyway I'm doing the "What If" game in my head and I realized that I would probably tell a mugger to take the wallet, the phone and the assorted junk but could I please have the baggie full of yarn becasue I think the trauma of having to re-make the 3/4 done Jaywalker sock would kill me- and oh yeah - the felted purse too? I do believe that I'm officially obsessed!

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